Blessed Columba Marmion preached the annual retreat to the sisters, here in College Rd. in Nov. 1921, as the fledgling community was struggling to find its feet.This was enough to form a very close bond between them and he kept in touch writing five letters to the sisters, the last one was dated 30th Dec. 1922, exactly one month before he died.

Also a new book recently published is well worth a read, it gives a wonderful description of God's manificent plan for us! So don't miss;  "Becoming Human BECOMING DIVINE" The Christian Life According to Blessed Columba Marmion by Columba Mc Cann OSB,  published by Veritas  2022.

Prayer to Blessed Columba Marmion

God our Father, You have given Blessed Columba Marmion a clear understanding of the doctrine that following our baptism in Christ, we have become Your adopted sons and daughters in Jesus Christ. In your goodness, listen to the prayers we now offer through his intercession,on behalf of  N. ..............

Teach us to live generously as true Christians, in filial trust with a simplicity filled with love, and if it is your wish,give a clear indication by miracles that you esteem your servant, Blessed Cloumba, to be filled with your grace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


  Some  of our sisters with a picture of Blessed Columba.