Worried about exams?Here  are some prayers for those doing exams.

Mary, my Mother,

I place myself and my study for this exam

under your all powerful protection.

Obtain for me the light and guidance of the Holy Spirit,

a retentive memory and a calm confidence in your unfailing help.

I trust in your continued intercession

 that in difficult moments I may not despair nor become despondent,

but with great confidence entrust myself  to God's Holy Will which is Love and Mercy itself!


"Jesus I trust in You"

( "This simple act of abandonment to Jesus dispels the thickest clouds and lets a ray of light penetrate every life". St. Pope John Paul II)


"Come, Holy Spirit come, by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate  Heart of Mary, Your well beloved spouse!" 


"O my Strength, it  is you to whom I turn, for you, O God, are my stronghold, the God who shows me love." Psalm 58